(Chattanooga/Monteagle/Nashville, TN)

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Offering Accordion Repairs, Renovations & Sales

Specific Services:

An accordionist myself (I perform in the duo Cricket & Snail), I started servicing and renovating accordions when I bought an instrument that needed to be tuned. I was pretty disheartened when I discovered there was no one in the Chattanooga/Nashville area doing this; I felt trapped with an instrument that I could not get fixed or fix myself! So my "accordion quest" took yet another turn. In addition to my own research, I received some informal instruction by amateurs who tuned accordions. I saw some helpful things and some things I would I knew weren't so great. I continued my education by working in a repair shop in the Czech Republic during the summer. I learned more here, expanding my skills and increasing my efficiency. While accordion repair can be time-consuming, I try to offer rates that are less than those of well-established shops since I don't rely on this work as my only source of income. Please contact me if you're interested in an estimate.

Please note that I tune reeds *by hand* and typically avoid using a Dremel (electric rotary) tool to tune reeds as the friction from this device can heat reeds up and cause them to lose their temperament and eventually break or become un-tunable. (!) Be cautious of folks who tune with a Dremel as it could be quite harmful to your reeds!