One fine day, long-time pianist James Carlson (aka Snail) bought an accordion. He took to it like a snail to a tasty green leaf. Soon his wife Lucie (aka Cricket) started to chirp along on her violin and they really did start making beautiful music together! They are both also composers and arrangers and are fond of great melodies that evoke street cafés, Celtic dances, Jewish weddings, opera scenes and sitting out on the porch in the summer. Combining sweetness, vivacity, humor and refined musicianship, their eclectic mix of music will delight one and all!

Hear a demo recording of one our recent projects: CRICKET & SNAIL CONCERTINO: At the Circus (2013) for violin, accordion & orchestra. Here's a VIDEO of the premier (see also below).

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CRICKET & SNAIL live in Monteagle, TN on the beautiful Cumberland Plateau not too far from Nashville and Chattanooga. To book for performances, send us an email.

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PREVIEW/BUY Cricket & Snail's most recent release AT THE THEATER featuring a mix of opera, operetta and film music!

Cricket & Snail: At the Theater

Cricket & Snail's second CD **DANCE TO YOUR SHADOW** is currently available to preview and purchase on CDBABY.COM., ITUNES, AMAZON.COM and CDUNIVERSE. (It is available as a physical CD at & CDUniverse.)

Our debut CD **IT TAKES TWO** is also available to preview, purchase and download on CDBABY.COM and CDUNIVERSE, and you can download mp3s of our CD on ITUNES and AMAZON.COM.

IT TAKES TWO video preview

To view the lyrics of the vocal songs on IT TAKES TWO, click here.


James Carlson also does accordion repair, maintenance and renovation. See his website: Snail Shell Accordions, Ltd.


for more visit the Cricket & Snail Youtube Channel

Papageno/Papagena (from Mozart's The Magic Flute)-Available on *Dance to Your Shadow* CD.

Flower Duet (from Delibes' Lakmé)-Available on *It Takes Two* CD.

Choson Kala Mazel Tov, Trad. Klezmer-Available on *Dance to Your Shadow* CD.

Valse antique (J. Carlson)-Available on *Dance to Your Shadow* CD.

Sea of Dreams (J. Carlson)-Available on *It Takes Two* CD.

James plays a Petosa SM-150E (LMM).

What the fans of CRICKET & SNAIL are saying on FACEBOOK:

They are sensational! You must listen to them! –Irene

Absolutely delightful! What a wonderful sense of "play" you two have!! -Nancy

love it!!! :) -Erin

Wow - great - keep recording - it is so much fun! So beautiful - just sound great together. –Rudolph

We bought your cd last week in Prague, and I can't stop listening to it, especially "It takes two", I love that song, congrats! -Ana

I've been listening to the [preview] CD every day and can't wait for the complete one! -Joy

I just received It Takes Two. Fabulous! I entertained last evening and everyone loved your music. -Irene

...just playing your CD, again and again :-) -Martin

[Fleur fanée is] one of the most beautiful tunes I've ever heard!!! -Klara

Your music style reminds of watching Amelie or Cirque du Soleil. Lovely, fun music! -Valerie

[Wren’s Promenade] reminds me of Champs Elycees in Paris. :) -Hana

[Flower Duet,] this makes me smile! –Mark

[Re: Flower Duet] How utterly astonishingly beautiful! -Vicki

Great concert, you guys! Thanks for playing. -Susan

I am a big fan...looking forward to more! -Stacy

Beautiful music indeed! -Scott

"I want both of us to start singing like two traveling minstrels about this extraordinary existence we share, as if, you, I and God were all married and living in a tiny room." -Hafiz

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Cricket & Snail, a violin & accordion duo

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